Apr 4

A heads up to anyone still following this blog:

I made a pretty good go of quitting tumblr a few months ago, and I’m still not sure if I’m coming back properly (this place ATE my life.). 

However, I’m about to start watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I’d like to liveblog it, and this is the only place I can think of to do so. So, for now, that’ll be what this blog is.

Of course, I have zero self discipline, and I haven’t had anyone to talk about Classic Who or Big Finish with for months… so chances are I’ll be back in DW fandom… before the end of the day.

I just wanted to let people know before the dead blog they’re still following turns into something again, especially since my INTENT is that it’s going to at least in part turn into something different.

Feb 1
As seen in a set of instructions for how to operate a piece of software. In an e-text. 

As seen in a set of instructions for how to operate a piece of software. In an e-text. 

Jan 26

update after one episode:

At Home with the Braithwaites is… not very good.

But it has been selected as my family’s ‘Random Old Sitcom Du Jour’, and given that it at least has my favourite actor in it, I’m hardly going to complain.

My Dad just started laughing hysterically.

He’s reading the bible.

The random TV show my aunt recommended that my mom and I watch just so happens to have Peter Davison in it.


Doctor Who - Season 25: Silver Nemesis aka The One with the Doctor’s Visual Puns

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Jan 25

Tristan’s got the moves

Jan 24

So, my question is, if there’s a ghost ship of cannibalistic rats invading England, where’s the Doctor?

Jan 23

I just got the free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud. (I was about to get the student version for a year, but… hey, free trials are free).

I have Flash again! I missed you, Flash. (Also new Photoshop. I had CS2 previously. This’ll be fun)

Jan 22

Sea gooseberries.


  • They are adorable.
  • They are colorful.
  • They arecalled sea gooseberries. Gooseberries of the sea.


This under-appreciated ctenophore is not really very big, but those two long tentacles are sticky, and the sea gooseberry uses them to capture prey.

The colors come from light scattering off the eight rows of cilia it uses to swim.


Seeeeeeeea gooseberrieeeeeeees.


I just really like ‘em, you guys.

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