Jun 15

I wonder if Tegan and Turlough ever bonded over being artists. It’s a pity that both of them were only shown drawing once, and then it was promptly forgotten about, because it would have been cool if that was actually a recurring hobby in either or both of them.

Tegan is obviously very talented. Those amazingly shaded fashion sketches are hers, and she knocked them off in about fifteen minutes without a reference. 

We don’t get to see Turlough’s sketches, but this is pretty much the first time we get to see him doing whatever he wants to be doing and relaxed, and he’s decided to sketch. He seemed like he knew what he was doing with perspective and he was doing shading with his thumb. The Doctor seems reasonably impressed, anyway. (I somehow doubt he’s much of an artist, but I digress)

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    I am going to write a fanfiction based on this premise one day! Maybe the Doctor challenges the other to draw the other...
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    Is this an appropriate place for me to beg for fic? A nice friendship fic with them sitting around drawing? With Tegan...
  16. ilwinsgarden said: I was wondering about Turlough’s drawing as well and included it in my fics then :). He looks so different when drawing in Five Doctors, it’s lovely :))
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